International Scientific Activity of Jemal Antidze

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A Senior Member of IACSIT A member of the Science and Information Organization A Member of the Scietific Committee, International Academy of Engineers A Member of American Society for Research A senior member of EACEEE Language Relaited Problems in Georgia A Editor in Chief of Lecture Notes on Software Engineering (LNSE) A Editor of The American Journal of Software Engineering Chairs Annual Meeting in Hong Kong, 2012 Invitation on INFOTECH Congress, 2015, as a keynote speaker A Conference Chair in Pune, 2012
A Cochair in Paris, 2013 Sertificate for Honorary Chair, Singapore, 2014 A Cochair, Paris-2014 Photo Paris-2014 Singapore-2014, Photo Dubai, Photo, 2015 Tbilisi-2015-conference photo Tbilisi-2015, Photo Conference Cochair on 2015 ICCSAM, Tbilisi, Photo Thanksgiving from David Publishing Company Conference chair on 2015 ICCSAM, Tbilisi
A Honorary Chair in Dubai 2015 A Conference Chair of Software Technology, 2015 Merry Christmas from David Publishing Company Photo Paris-2013 J.Antidze with his disciples on Paris-2013 Invitation on First World Congress of Robotics, 2015 Greeting from organizers of TMCE 2014 Section Chair in Paris, 2014 Invitation on Congress 2015 Happy Thanksgiving Day A Member of American Society for Research
Tokyo,2016, a honorary chair IRED, New Year Greeting Invitation on Congress, INFOTECH-2014, as a keynote speaker Happy Birthday from The Reading Room Greeting from IACSIT organization THe Invitation on the First Wold Congress of Robotics, 2015 Happy New Year from Rustaveli organization 2015 Tbilisi Conference Invitation in the 2nd Annual World Congress of Smart Materials-2016 (Mar 4-6, 2016, Singapore) as a Keynote Speaker 2015 ICNSCS-15 conference chair and the proceeding's redactor, Kuala Lumpur Some Awards of J.Antidze
An Academic Member - Institute for Education and Research (Greece) Invitation on the conference in Greece(Larissa), as a keynote spiker and program committee chair